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Teaching young minds to manage money

We make games that help develop positive money mindsets and behaviours from a young age.
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For Kids

We give kids the opportunity to try, fail, and learn about money in a safe and fun way.
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Money doesn’t fall from the sky

Do your kids think that we are made of money? Our games teach kids that money is earned through creating value.
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The best things in life take time

Kids continue to think everything is instant, our games change this narrative and show them the best things in life take time.
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Make cents of money

Financial knowledge can be overwhelming for anyone. Our games break down financial concepts for anyone to understand.

For Parents

Our games give parents peace of mind by knowing they are teaching their kids how to better manage their money.
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Just the right amount of control

Our games give parents visibility over their kids financial behaviour and progress.
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Learning good money behaviours

Make the learning experience fun and watch the munchkins grow into money superheroes.

For Parents

Our games give parents peace of mind by knowing they are teaching their kids how to better manage their money.

Families love our games

"I'm loving this system. It's making me feel so much more organised and the kids can now be accountable."


Team Army of the Lord

"That's the best lesson ever. I don't think they realize they share or the principle of giving or why."


Team Adams Apple

"[My three-year-old] cleaned her room of her own volition this morning and earned stickers and money! 🥳🫠"


Team Brilliant Benadies
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What better way to educate than through play? Introducing FinMaster, the board game where players embark on a thrilling financial adventure, rolling dice to navigate through various financial decisions, from managing starting funds to strategic asset accumulation. And learning financial terminology along the way!

The first player to get to the FinMaster block ends the game immediately, but first doesn’t mean best! The players must now calculate their net worth - and the one with the highest value is crowned the winner!

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Fintr is supported by an exceptional group of investors which understand the importance of teaching money management to the next generation.