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Teach your learners how to manage money

We make games that help develop positive money mindsets and behaviours from a young age.
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For Schools

Provide your learners with an opportunity to improve their money management with an activity they enjoy.
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Better prepare your learners

Helping you make sure you offer holistic and practical skills that will prepare your learners for the real world.
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Appeal to learners

Attract some of the brightest and most curious young minds and their parents to your school.

How it Works

Kids unlock money superpowers by learning, playing and doing.

They take on villains trying to prevent them from living their best life. Using their knowledge they defeat the villains, gain money superpowers, develop positive money behaviours and rank on the leaderboard to win big.

Fintr For Schools
Fintr For Schools
Fintr For Schools

Schools love our games

Partnering with schools to help make learning money management fun.
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"I was struck by a passion for positively impacting the youth in a creative way when I met Elijah and Danei. They are two impressive individuals with a clear vision and a great product to back up their contagious enthusiasm. We strive for long-term, transformative impact on the learners at our school. The work of Fintr clearly fed into that dream, so we were excited to invite them to Calling Academy where their work with several classes was extremely well-received.  

A lack of financial literacy is a serious problem in South Africa, regardless of socio-economic background. Someone recently remarked, "I wish we learnt how to work with money when I was at school." This is precisely the problem that Fintr addresses. Their well-researched, gamified platform is creative, fun and sets learners up for future success in managing their personal finances; something I would also have loved to learn about at school! "

Werner Cloete
Co-founder, Calling Academy
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Welcome to FinMaster Tournaments.

Our board game introduces and explains fundamental financial concepts in a way that captivates players of all ages.

We have hosted several FinMaster tournaments at different high schools in Gauteng with exciting investment prizes. FinMaster isn't just a game; it's a community-building tool.

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